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   Vote for : Federico A. Sanchez for Congress  

                             a "Write -  In" Candidate

             for Arizona US Representative District #3

Vietnam Veteran    Salpointe  U of A Graduate   U of A Letterman (Wrestling)

Ret. Criminal Justice System   Ret. Private Investigator

        I, Federico A. Sanchez am running as a "write-in" candidate for Congress as a Arizona US Representative in District 3 against Representative Raul Grijalva.  Please note that when you vote write my name correctly in your early ballot or at the polling booth otherwise your vote will become invalid.

        I am a Vietnam Veteran, a Tucsonan, a U of A graduate with a Masters degree in Vocational Rehabilitation.  I am also a retired Street Adult Probation Officer, Private Investigator and a U of A letterman in wrestling. I also possess a black belt in Judo.

        I had intentions of running as a regular candidate; however a six vehicle pile-up accident changed my plans.  I was one of the several person injured in this accident.

        Rep. Grijalva has done a satisfactory job however I know I can do better and lot more.  The Vietnam Veterans of America have rated him a ZERO and other Veterans Organization have rated him an average.

        As your Representative I will immediately demand the resignation of Robert A McDonald and support the appointment of Chuck Hagel.

         I will also demand a Congressional investigation of the practices of unethical hospital corporations, who do not provide correct treatment to our elders to save the cost of care and treatment once they are moved to Intensive Care Unit (ICU)