Federico A Sanchez

for Congress
(Arizona US Representative District 3
ask for "Write - in" List
Passion - Experience - Leadership

 Build a better city for a better tomorrow

Your Vote does Matter
Whether you are a Republican with no candidate or a Democrat dissatisfied with the performance of my opponent or an Independent or any other party voter, please write me in as your candidate.
Please Note that you will have to ask for "Write-In" list at the polling station

Key Issues:

Protect and Defend Veterans, Families, Children

Strengthen National Security Strategy - Eradicate ISIS

Fix Obama Care - Lower Premiums & more coverage

Global Warming and Water Conservation

Fix Student Loans and Reduce Education Costs

Income inequality/Equal Pay for Women

Nursing Home Care Oversight (Elder Abuse)

Immigration Reform /New WPA (Jobs)

Criminal Justice Reform/ Cyber Security

Congressional Investigation of Hospital Corps

Protect Social Security, Medicare and Elderly

Fight Poverty 

Grow Economy by Creating Public & Private Partnership